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Greens slam government over asbestos delay

Greens slam government over asbestos delay

By John Leonidou


THE GREEN Party has called on the
government to take the asbestos problem in Cyprus more seriously,
adding that the government was not living up to its own proposal, drawn
up three years ago to tackle the problem.

In a message issued yesterday, the party said:
On December 4, 2002,
after some strenuous pressure by the Cyprus Green party, the Ministry
of Education finally submitted a proposal in which it stated that all
asbestos in public schools would be extracted. This was aimed at 32
schools that include nurseries, public schools, public Gymnasiums and
other schools. The Council of Ministers approved the proposal and after
two years, the Green Party requested to see an evaluation report on
what had been done so far.

The statement said the Greens had asked time and time again for an
evaluation on what has been done so far, drawing a blank from the
Ministry of Education. After conducting their own research into the 32
schools it was discovered that little had been done to fix the problem
of asbestos in the buildings.

Green Party deputy George Perdikis said yesterday the government was not doing enough to tackle the problem.

It is blatantly obvious that the government is not doing enough, not
just to face and fix the problem of asbestos in schools but also to
follow their own agenda which they themselves drew up. We expect them
to at least follow the proposal made and agreed three years ago.

The Greens urged the government to act fast, not only in schools but
also other public buildings. It added the government should undertake
all safety measures while disposing of the asbestos from schools and
that all schools should be closed during those periods.