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Asbestos in Schools


A small selection of film and voice documentaries on asbestos in schools and interviews with victims of mesothelioma.

Technical and copyright constraints prevent showing many of the interviews, documentaries and features there have been, including those on Teachers' TV but this selection is an example.

We would like to thank the reporters for the care they have taken to get facts accurate and avoid exaggeration. We would also like to thank them for giving victims and families a voice and treating them with care and compassion.

It seems to us one of the highest duties of the press is to expose dangerous maladministration - particularly when it concerns children and teachers. Our thanks go to these producers and reporters.

ITN ITN investigative report (15 minutes)
BBC BBC Inside Out investigative report (10 minutes)
BBC BBC Radio Scotland Investigative report applicable to all UK (30 minutes)
NUT Helen Andrews NUT speech Quality is poor but the content interesting
BBC BBC Today Interview after succesful appeal ruling in Royal Court of Justice (5 minutes)
ITV Wales An excellent investigative report by Greg Lewis for ITV Wales of asbestos in Welsh buildings, and particularly in Welsh schools. Temporarily removed as it is being moved to a new host. 31/05/12
youtube Alice Fight for Life Interviews Part 1 Part 2. The reality of dying from mesothelioma - from a mother with a young family.
UK Forum of Asbestos Victim Support Groups Mesothelioma The Human Face of an Asbestos Epidimic Includes many victims including a teacher
Asbestos Victim Support Forum Elizabeth Bradford talks about her asbestos exposure at school as a school teacher. Elizabeth died from mesothelioma soon after this video was made