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Asbestos in Schools

Organisations agreeing with the paper presented to the Prime Minister


Paul Rowen MP (Lib Dem Shadow spokesman W&P)  (delegate)

Teachers Unions:
ATL               General Secretary    (delegate)
NUT               Assistant Secretary  (delegate)
NASUWT       General Secretary    (delegate)

Other unions and related organisations

Asbestos specialists
ATAC (Asbestos consultants association)
Robin Howie Associates

Asbestos litigation specialist Solicitors

Health and safety specialist organisations
The Senior Medical Consultant leading the proposed centre for asbestos related disease research:

Asbestos  Support Groups
Asbestos Victims Support Forum
The two leaders of asbestos campaign groups who had a meeting with the PM last Friday:
Save Spodden Valley

Asbestos in Schools Campaigner
Michael Lees                 (delegate)


At the Parliamentary Asbestos seminar following the meeting with the Prime Minister, the union GMB said that it would be joining the Asbestos in Schools campaign