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It can be concluded from the statistics that:

“The number of deaths from mesothelioma among school teachers is far higher than one should expect in what appears to be a low risk occupation"
The HSE have stated in relation to teachers that: “There are too many deaths among a group which are supposed to have had very little asbestos exposure.”
If one compares teaching with other professions, then it can be concluded that : A disproportionate number of female school teachers have died from mesothelioma.
The number of deaths among teachers is statistically significant, and therefore it must be said that: “There is a direct relationship between asbestos in schools and teachers’ deaths from asbestos exposure.”
The HSE have not given an estimate of how many children have been exposed by asbestos at school and have died as a result. However if one considers the number of teachers who have died from asbestos related cancers, and the greater numbers and the vulnerability of children, it is probable that: “A significant number of children are exposed to asbestos at school and die as a result.”


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